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NRA如何成為規範管理槍嘅阻礙;戴口罩真係有用;say no to默認隨機播放;covid19下嘅越南工人;決定疫情發展嘅三大因素;梁漱溟;遊戲點解會上癮;英語教材嘅自我審查;癌細胞偷線粒體;理中客迷思

開始前,發現一個好有趣嘅事實,週報嘅字數呢幾個星期都喺度翻倍,按趨勢,唔通今個星期會寫到40min read?應該唔會,我估好難超20mins

Former gun industry insider explains why he left to fight for the other side
Gunfight author Ryan Busse was once a rising star in the gun industry. But he became disillusioned after Columbine when, he says, the NRA began to use “fear and conspiracy and hatred” to boost sales.

"fear and conspiracy and hatred of the other could be used to drive and win political races, And those are exactly the same things that in high doses drove unhealthy portions of firearm sales."
"the gun makers and the NRA have since embraced military-style weapons and tactical gear, branding them as symbols of masculinity and patriotism."
___That's really disillusioned. If the companies and organizations in power just focus on their interest, what can we expect to change the status?

Ryan Busse:" I did my best to try to change the things I can change. Something I didn't see coming, perhaps, was the degree to which the industry grew and changed into this behemoth."
"I was deluding myself to think that I could have a measurable impact on something that had grown that large and powerful."
"It's often reported that the NRA is sort of a tool of firearms manufacturers. I found it to be exactly the opposite: The NRA ran the show. They set the course for the industry and everybody followed, and nobody questioned."
"The NRA ended up in what is now a rather infamous approach where they ended up doubling down instead of giving in. I believe the politics of never give an inch, never acknowledge any improvement or work towards any improving policy, really started then."____it's hard to fight, let alone to win. Then what we can do is to speak up again and again, until the day that they'll give in.
"it was really an opportune time to shut that loophole and still today, more than 20 years later, we have not shut that loophole."____need to push forward unswervingly.

"soon after each mass shooting until just the last couple of years ... there would be incredible gun booms."
"the same fear was used that guns would be banned or that there would be legislative activity that would make it more difficult to get guns, so everybody would rush out and buy them after these events."
"Everything that happened was then spun in some fearful, conspiratorial, racial, just hate-filled way. Everything was spun that way, because every word that came out had to keep ... this sort of political pressure cooker. The way that the NRA figured out that it could succeed is to get the country just one step below boiling and just try to hold it there."
____they won't miss any chance to sell the gun, but what about the responsibility? they don't think that's their business.

Effectiveness of public health measures in reducing the incidence of covid-19, SARS-CoV-2 transmission, and covid-19 mortality: systematic review and meta-analysis
Objective To review the evidence on the effectiveness of public health measures in reducing the incidence of covid-19, SARS-CoV-2 transmission, and covid-19 mortality. Design Systematic review and meta-analysis. Data sources Medline, Embase, CINAHL, Biosis, Joanna Briggs, Global Health, and World…


Spotify’s play button stops shuffling, apparently because Adele said so
This comes days after the release of Adele’s new album, 30.

at last! it was really stupid to have it that way.

Workers in Vietnam lived inside factories to keep Samsung’s products on shelves during the pandemic
As Covid-19 threatened the tech supply chain, some companies, including Apple suppliers, went to extreme lengths to keep their products flowing.

因為清零政策,而且工廠唔想停,所以就會變成宿舍、飯堂同工廠喺一齊,so called “three-on-site”. 而另一方面,有啲人都受影響,不過係住五星級酒店;呢個真係幾現實,稀缺的先係最被重視的

“This wasn’t ‘forced labor’ in the sense of workers being physically bundled into tents, or finding themselves in debt bondage and therefore coerced into the situation,” said Joe Buckley, an expert on Vietnamese labor issues. “But on another level, all labor is forced labor, as workers need to sell their labor power in order to get money to survive. This is what we saw in Vietnam — the coercion was economic and structural, leaving many workers with little choice.”

The Pandemic’s Next Turn Hinges on Three Unknowns
A potential winter surge is up to vaccines, variants, and us.

"However these three unknowns play out this winter, COVID will eventually begin to fade as a disruptive force in our lives as it becomes endemic. We’re not quite there yet, but our second pandemic winter will bring us one step closer."





一名老師的人體實驗:寒假沉迷於手遊《傳說對決》,快速成癮後急速勒戒 - The News Lens 關鍵評論網




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Intercellular nanotubes mediate mitochondrial trafficking between cancer and immune cells - Nature Nanotechnology
Cancer cells adopt a series of strategies to evade the immune response mounted by the organism against them. Here we find that tumour cells can hijack mitochondria from immune cells by forming physical nanotubes, and suggest that inhibiting this process might represent a potential immunotherapy appr…



干货| “中立” “客观” “理性”的迷思
大家好!这里是因为天太热而变得有点呆滞的大猫! 没想到这篇日志花了那~~么久才和大家见面。这除了六月份生活变动带来的turbulent因素以外,这也跟这篇文章本身的复杂度有关。为了写这篇文章大猫查了很多文献资料,同时又希望把内容尽量简单、清晰地呈现出来,所以花了不少时间消化梳理。 言归正传,今天我们要从上回的写作立场话题延伸开去,谈一下写作、阅读以及思考时的所谓“中立”或“理性”立场。严格地说,这...