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Why Did the WTA Risk Everything for Peng Shuai?
It has to do with tanks in Shenzhen, mariachi bands in Guadalajara and a legacy passed down by players for 50 years.

One China expert, though, told SI that Peng’s essay was so full of terms and names that should have triggered the censoring algorithms, the real question is: How did it stay up for 20 minutes?^^^呢個應該唔難解答,的確會有敏感詞篩選,不過同時都會有白名單開放畀名人、媒體等等,所以發到出嚟and流傳咗二十幾分鐘

“There’s a real sense of family.”;The WTA has always nodded to social justice;there was consensus. From players of all levels. From the alumnae. From their agents. From the WTA Board.

Simon was happy to let the players occupy the foreground and happy to let other WTA colleagues make the public appearances

With the clear backing of the tour’s players—past and present—on Nov. 13, Simon aired his grievances and frustration publicly.

“None of this is acceptable nor can it become acceptable. If powerful people can suppress the voices of women and sweep allegations of sexual assault under the rug, then the basis on which the WTA was founded—equality for women—would suffer an immense setback. I will not and cannot let that happen to the WTA and its players.”^^^可以講,呢個得益於WTA一開始成立時就團結喺一齊,由球員為主體帶來嘅結果;領導者Simon個人嘅魅力都係一個錦上添花嘅作用,換其他人可能過程處理得冇咁快咁自然,但結果都係會一樣

Prioritizing principle ahead of profit. Ceasing to do business with a country with values inconsistent to yours. Effectively standing up to a bully. …^^^反例就係文章講到嘅ATP同埋其他好多更有力量嘅組織or公司,佢哋嘅管理層審慎得多,幾乎冇可能會加入譴責政府審查、限制,關心彭嘅行列

“Corrosive Communities”: How A Facebook Fight Over Wind Power Predicts the Future of Local Politics in America
In small towns around the country, wind turbines are doing something to the locals.

But unlike those issues, opposition to turbines isn’t neatly polarized along red–blue lines: It often pits conservatives against conservatives and liberals against liberals ^^^再一次講明就算喺兩黨制下,都唔係只有黨派之爭,因為好多新嘅話題唔會咁快統一,但,發展到後邊係會嘅。。一派take一個立場,唔知點解,但好多話題都係噉演變

But for some, the objection comes from a deeper and perhaps less calculating place. Folk superstition has long assigned certain winds enormous powers.‌‌But the book caught on, and over the past decade, anti-wind advocates added epileptic seizures, certain forms of cancer, and heart arrhythmia to the list of ailments.^^^用陰謀論去反駁實在唔係一種好方法,因為企唔穩,但往往又好多人會信,人都係比較懶嘅動物,喂乜嘢就食乜嘢

found no link between exposure to turbine noise and illness, chronic disease, stress, or sleep quality.‌‌Crucially, though, it showed a correlation between increasing wind turbine noise and reports of annoyance.‌‌Another way of putting this is that something like wind turbine syndrome is real — it’s just not caused by hearing wind turbines. Rather, some scientists have suggested, it’s caused by hearing about how bad wind turbines are, producing what they call the “nocebo effect.”^^^見仁見智,因為我查到有其他嚴謹嘅研究係得出對人心臟健康有負面影響嘅結論;科學都係不斷發展,之前冇發現嘅相關性唔代表就一定冇,潛在嘅危害需要提防;and噉講可能冇乜support,但唔排除有啲研究係利益相關嘅公司支持嘅,就好似之前提到嘅石油公司明知會對氣候有好大嘅影響,但隱瞞研究結果並對外宣稱冇咁大影響‌‌而且Crucially,人點諗係好重要,主觀嘅情緒都會好影響身體嘅狀況

Social groups under this kind of stress fit into a model Freudenburg called “Corrosive Communities,” which are defined by three characteristics. The first is the perception of an ongoing threat to human health. The second is “recreancy,” a technical term in sociology that refers to the feeling that experts and institutions can’t manage the new risks created by technological development. The third is litigation. These characteristics feed on each other. A heightened perception of risk leads people to wonder why experts and institutions aren’t doing their jobs. A sense of recreancy tends to generate litigation. Litigation raises awareness of risk. Such communities may be harmed as much or more by the social dynamics that follow a technological disaster as they are by the disaster itself.

there had been “hogwash” on both sides of the wind fight, but that it had been good for the community, because it got people involved in local politics who had never paid attention to them before. It was good that people were showing up, good that people were debating, good that people were taking an interest in their community. All this concern had even reinvigorated the local paper, he pointed out — what could be a stronger sign of local democracy in action?‌‌Wind opponents frequently make a version of this claim, and there’s a certain logic to it. How do politics begin, in some sense, without people noticing their surroundings?^^^politics without people,就好諷刺,變咗味,忽視咗人嘅感受,人嘅需求,人嘅期待

I parked my car at the edge of a field, about 500 feet from a turbine, got out, and sat on the hood. At first, I thought it sounded like a hair dryer on the high setting two rooms over — a noise that might require you to turn up the volume on the TV, but a noise you would almost certainly get used to. The longer I sat there thinking about the humming gears, though, the more I was sure I detected subtle changes in pitch and intensity. The noise started to sound more like a plane landing, or taking off, or somehow doing both at the same time, on and on. It sounded like an endless transition. It sounded like an action in search of a resolution.

The rise and fall of rationality in language
The post-truth era has taken many by surprise. Here, we use massive language analysis to demonstrate that the rise of fact-free argumentation may perhaps be understood as part of a deeper change. After the year 1850, the use of sentiment-laden words in Google Books declined systematically, while the…

All in all, our results suggest that over the past decades, there has been a marked shift in public interest from the collective to the individual, and from rationality toward emotion.

Clearly, the surge of post-truth discourse does suggest such a shift (44⇓⇓⇓–48), and our results are consistent with the interpretation that the post-truth phenomenon is linked to a historical seesaw in the balance between our two fundamental modes of thinking. If true, it may well be impossible to reverse the sea change we signal. Instead, societies may need to find a new balance, explicitly recognizing the importance of intuition and emotion, while at the same time making best use of the much needed power of rationality and science to deal with topics in their full complexity. Striking this balance right is urgent as rational, fact-based approaches may well be essential for maintaining functional democracies and addressing global challenges such as global warming, poverty, and the loss of nature.


We have witnessed

Want to know why the refunds line moves so slow? from Costco

濫用規則……唔單止會浪費排喺後邊嘅人嘅時間;而且會令職員嘅精神壓力變大,SOME SHIT.




社运推上台的智利总统:千禧一代左翼在改革路上的困境与挑战_思想市场_澎湃新闻-The Paper


民主並不能保證什麼,唔係話有民主就一定會經濟發展得好,但起碼有嘗試同糾正嘅機會,呢次就係新嘅開始,起碼會有希望,hope that新總統可以順利面對挑戰,為信任佢同新政府嘅人民做多啲嘢







「我的美麗與否和他人無關,你有權去judge我,but I don’t care。」

衛報取消年度人物投票只因「JK羅琳領先」 遭轟:可恥│TVBS新聞網
英國媒體《衛報》(The Guardian)是英國當地三大報之一,其政治立場被認為是偏向左派,衛報今年舉辦的「年度人物」(Person of the Year)票選,不過投票網站在英國時間29日遭到關閉,大部分的網友猜測原因是因為「J.K.羅琳領先於該票選」,遭到英國部分網友怒轟「可恥」。


香港新冠疫情: 深陷“永久隔离”的国泰机组人员 - BBC News 中文




撰文: 毛來由 | 發佈日期: 15.06.21 | 最後更新: | 2021-06-15 03:37:292020年6月30日晚上11點,《港區國安法》正式開始實施。任何政治陣營,都不會否認國安法的實施,是一個時代的終結,一個年代的開始。身處在此歷史分水嶺,置身於這個大時代,或許是回顧歷史的好時機。 英國國家檔案館所藏的外交及聯邦事務部解密檔案FCO 40/1551 Future of Hong Kong, 1983中,有一份由當時香港親國民黨組織(包括九龍總商會、港九工團聯合總會、中國文化協會等「自由社團」),共同呈交「行政立法兩局非官守議員辦事處」的意見書,言簡意賅地解釋為何必須維…
眾新聞告別 感謝讀者
撰文: 公民記者有限公司 | 發佈日期: 02.01.22 今天是2022年1月2日。成立5年的眾新聞,要跟大家告別。還記得2017年的元旦,眾新聞成立。在記者會上,多名傳媒「老鬼」表示,對本港新聞自由狀況深感憂慮,希望眾新聞可以傳承專業新聞精神,回歸新聞初心,為公眾利益、為公眾服務,「希望我們的一小步,可以鼓勵業界行一小步,各人的一小步可以形成保護新聞自由的一大步。」然後,眾新聞在資源極度緊絀的情況下,每天嘗試踏出一小步,慢慢地行出一條小路:獨家新聞、數據新聞、人物專訪、調查報道、深度評論、法庭新聞、中國新聞、眾聲集……縱然我們人力有限,新聞不夠多、不夠快,但我們整個小團隊,老鬼和後生…









在讨论厌女现状的《我恨男人》一书中,法国作家 Pauline Harmange 指出,「厌男」(misandry)和「厌女」(misogyny)虽然词根相同,但其实毫无可比性。「厌男」一般是对「厌女」的防御性回应,通常表现为对男性的怀疑、不信任,至多是敌意,而厌女会以暴力形式表现出来——身体攻击、性侵犯、谋杀,二者的影响力完全不对等。



弱势群体为自己发声很容易被视作过度宣扬某种主义,这种忧虑「矫枉过正」的逻辑同等适用于女权主义和 LGBTQ 群体


The Difference Between Hope and Optimism
For starters, hope is better.

they died of a broken heart.

hope is a far more potent force. We can all get better at it as we work toward recovering from the pandemic, and benefit from our improved skill for the rest of our lives.

“hope focuses more directly on the personal attainment of specific goals, whereas optimism focuses more broadly on the expected quality of future outcomes in general.” In other words, optimism is the belief that things will turn out all right; hope makes no such assumption but is a conviction that one can act to make things better in some way.

although both optimism and hope drive down the likelihood of illness, hope has more power than optimism in doing so.

How to Be More Hopeful?
1. Imagine a better future, and detail what makes it so.
2. Envision yourself taking action.(^^^really important, "imagine helping one real person, convincing one policy maker, or increasing the compassion of one fellow citizen."
3. Act.(^^^most important,  “the magnitude of an act was not only its worldly impact but the love with which you undertake it. Your little way will change your heart and perhaps infect the hearts of others, especially when they see the effect that practicing hope and love has on you.”


EU’s top court boosts the rights of same-sex parents | AP News
BRUSSELS (AP) — A ruling by the European Union’s top court on Tuesday has boosted the rights of same-sex parents and their children in the 27-nation bloc. The European Court of Justice said a child with two mothers certified in one EU nation must also be recognized by the other EU members as such.


"Globally, the EU already includes 16 nations that have legal same-sex marriage, compared to about 30 nations overall in the world."










李承鹏|周星驰:这一票人是谁啊?官哪,哈哈哈 - 中国数字时代




Stress, by itself, can lead to excessive drinking in women but not men: Study shows stress led to drinking more than intended in men only when they already had consumed alcohol
A new study that has important implications for the understanding of sex differences in alcohol consumption has shown that stress alone leads to excessive drinking in women but not men. The study used a simulated bar environment to test how stress affected whether participants drank more than intend…


有一定嘅價值 "The outcomes from alcohol use are not the same for men and women, and we cannot keep using models that were developed in men to help women."

The Diderot Effect: Why We Want Things We Don’t Need
The Diderot Effect helps explain why we buy things we don’t need.

Personally, my goal is not to reduce life to the fewest amount of things, but to fill it with the optimal amount of things.^^^optimal,唔一定好少,但一定唔係好多,每一樣都係有用且自己會用到嘅嘢

In Diderot's words, “Let my example teach you a lesson. Poverty has its freedoms; opulence has its obstacles.”